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Welcome to George Coucounis LLC
Established in the heart of Larnaca City Centre, George Coucounis’ law firm aims to bring new standards of excellence in the area of legal practice. We combine the 30 years of experience of a senior and reputable lawyer, George Coucounis, together with the enthusiasm and dedication of our young and highly qualified barristers and legal assistants. We place significant emphasis in providing the client with high standards of legal representation and the best professional legal advice in order to address any kind of legal problem. We offer a wide range of legal services and we undertake to bring efficient solutions to complex legal problems and needs with dedication and full confidentiality.

Following his self-imposed duty to contribute to society as a whole, George Coucounis dedicates significant portion of his time in informing the public with invaluable answers to common and burning legal issues through weekly publications in national Greek and English speaking newspapers. A great variety of these publications are available in a special section of our website.
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A recourse against an act or a decision of an administrative body by a citizen affected requires him to have a legitimate interest not only at the time of such an act or decision, but also at the time the recourse is filed...
Transactions are made daily on credit and the creditors who can be a bank, a vendor, a professional service provider, a trader and others, keep a statement of account for the transactions. Such a statement, when...
The recovery of a house for residence by the landlord is one of the reasons for which an order for repossession may be issued, provided it is reasonably claimed for such purpose, or for the residence of his ...
The mortgage security registered over an immovable property protects the mortgage creditor with regard to the business risk he undertakes  towards  the  mortgage  debtor.  Granting  a  loan  or  credit  facilities  for ...
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Articles and Publications are now availabe on our website. For the most recent ones please check our dedicated space on our main page. For the older, but still valuable, volumes, visit Articles and select  the legal area of your interest. Our search engine can be of great assistance.           Disclaimer
We are pleased to inform our valued clients that we have moved to our  new offices on 42 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Harbour View Residence, 2nd floor, on top of Mazda and Subaru Showroom. Telephones, fax numbers and emails remain the same. Click here for new ofices map
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