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Property Law
Property Law is a versatile area of our legal practice. Apart from our litigation services related to movable and immovable property, we have the expertise and experience to draft sale contracts, contracts of lease, licences or rents that aim to promote your best interests.
We offer our advice for any matter in relation to:
  • Immovalbe property in general
  • Matters a person should know of before purchase, lease, renting or sale of an immovable property
  • Legal advice before the purchase, lease, renting or sale of an immovalbe property
  • Legal advice with regard to property financing
  • Contracts of sale, lease, rent for immovable property
  • Issues of Tresspass of land, and other violations of the right to property
  • Rent and lease disputes,
  • Landlord and tenant disputes and other relevant issues
  • Issues arising from ''commonhold'' and ''co-owned'' immovable properties
  • Issues regarding maintenance of commonhold or co-owned properties and/or co-owned facilities or areas of a complex/building.
  • Landlord and Tenant obligations
  • Easements, rights of way/passage and other rights, charges and hypotheques on property
  • Entitlement of obtaining subsidy or any tax returns from the Cyprus Government  in relation to immovable property
  • Compensation for expropriation ορ requisition of the whole share or part of an immovable property by the Cyprus Government
  • Any other matter relevant to property law.
We undertake to offer our assistance in any matter related to property conveyance/transfer, Land Registry and Property tax procedures, forms and etiquette.  
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